Syed Farhaan Wasti

Till a couple of decades ago, the Dubai mushairas were a rage, and eminent Urdu poets from the world over used to recite their work at numerous such events. However, with the demise of Mr. Saleem Jaffery, who was instrumental in bringing the mushairas Dubai, organization and promotion of such events started declining, even though patrons of the Urdu adab were in thousands.

Jashn-e-Urdu is the brainchild of Syed Farhaan Wasti, who took it upon himself to shoulder this task, and resolved to take these events to a whole new level.

Syed Farhaan Wasti belongs to a place called Masauli in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Barabanki is the place that has given some great people in the field of Spirituality, Literature, as well as politics, like the renowned late Khumar Barabankavi and Hon. Minister and Freedom Fighter Late Mr. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai.

Being from the land of the Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb, where Hindi and Urdu are considered two beautiful sisters living in the hearts and on the tongues of Indians for centuries, it was in the blood of Syed Farhaan Wasti to incline towards keeping these great languages alive, and to pass on the same Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb to the future generations.

With this resolve in mind, Syed Farhaan Wasti started organizing Urdu Mushairas and Hindi Kavi Sammelans from the year 2009. By 2015, he had carved a name for himself in the world of organizing and promoting Urdu and Hindi cultural events.

Which is how "Jashn-e-Urdu" came into being in 2016.

An event whose sole purpose was to identify and promote new faces in the world of Urdu and Hindi poetry and literature in the form of a Mushaira and Kavi sammelan.

By the grace of the Almighty Allah (SWT), Jashn-e-Urdu started its India chapter in 2018, by organizing an Aalami Mushaira with the cultural committee of the faculty of JMI being the first UAE based Urdu idaraah to have successfully done and Alami Mushaira in Delhi.

The motive of "Jashn-e-Urdu" has always been, and will always be to help the new generation and the coming generations get a taste of the purity of the Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb.

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